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The purpose for this website is to share my experience and business ideas, mainly focusing forex trading and e-commence. In past few years, I have started several websites and try to do something different on the internet. However, most of them have very little visitors. Hope this website can stand out of them. is the first website in the group after my wife and I came to UK. My wife loved fashion and was studying fashion-related Masters degree in Manchester. She was impressed by European fashion industry and tried to introduce the front-line fashion brand and styles in this website. A few years later, hosting server got virus and most contents lost. was originally a forum to help Chinese people settle down in UK. First users were my neighbors and classmates in Manchester. More and more Chinese joined and we did enjoy sharing information and photos. Later, especially after I started to full-time job thus less time available, lots of spam flooded in the website and most users left. The website was just cleaned and new user can only register by invitation. provides Chinese Restaurant information in UK, including customer feedback, rating, average spending and recipes. User can search nearest Chinese restaurants by his/her postcode or town. Furthermore, a POI (point of interest) is generated for Sat-Nav. The framework has finished and some restaurants have been uploaded. is an e-commence website. My wife and a partner from China started an online-clothing business after her graduation. She selected stocks from Asian vendors according to her sense of fashion styles. It seems successful that customers were happy with their orders and some of them came back with new orders. However, not long after that, our first son was born. Not surprising, she spent more time to take care of  the baby than the business. Orders are still coming but not many. Tragically, my wife passed away in 2012, left me and two children behind. The website was shutdown until I re-run it to memorize my love.

MissTop Fashion News is focusing news in fashion industry. This website collects RSS news from selected websites and is expected to get more visitors with same interests.


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